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About the "Kill yourself" and other review stuff...

2008-09-24 04:25:15 by EvilScorpio

Hello, NG World! I'm EvilScorpio (or just Alex, if that's better for you), and I want to say some things what I have in my mind now...

Today I've been banned for a review posting for 5 F_CKIN' DAYS. You want to know why? I'll tell you. Because I've recommend some flash authors to kill themselves for the sake of world happiness.
Yeah, I know what that kind of advices are cruel and harsh. But I want you to think about some things before blame me or something like that...

First... Let's visualize the following situation: you came to the Newgrounds to see something you like (something funny, something creepy, something crazy...nevermind), click on the movie link named...I don't know..."Funny Carebears make a breakdance on the roof of Empire State Building", in example. You're start to watch it, and what do you see? Big hairy ass with a sound of puke at the background or just a words "YOU ARE LOSER!" on whole screen or even an auto pop-up banner of some stupid porno-site. Will you like this? I don't think so... What do you want to wish for an author of this sh_t? I think the thought "kill yourself" will be at least in a TOP 10 of wishes... The only difference beween you and me in that kind of situation is amount of straightforwardness. You'll just write "That's SUCKS" or "I hate that crap" or something like this. But I just can't be satisfied by that. Because the freaks who add this kind of junk here must die or just get out of here.

Second... We'll move forward to this situation. You alreday saw this flash, give a "0" to it and write a review with some unprintable words in it. And what do you see after? That "thing" pass the judgement! And nobody cares what the rating is absolutely low. What will you think? I suppose something unprintable again... Want to say this author "kill yourself" for accomodation of this sickness on the site? I'm sure you do...

So, let's make a conclusion... Do you really think what that kind of advice is not right in that kind of situations? Tell me your opinion.

About the "Kill yourself" and other review stuff...


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2009-02-17 13:18:22


EvilScorpio responds:

I know, I know... =)


2009-02-18 11:51:08

if someone spams, it only means they want attention, don't get yourself annoyed if the thing passes, just keep voting zero in spam submissions and don't fall for their "calling" ,that only gives them pleasure....ignore them and they will fill even more useless :P

EvilScorpio responds:



2009-02-20 01:24:41

I can honestly say though, I've seen a number of funny ass spam flashes in my day. You just gotta get lucky. ;-)



2009-02-20 21:43:07

Our spam, who consumes thy computer
Unknown be thy purpose
Thy will be done
on newgrounds as it is on youtube
Give us this day, our daily porn
and give us our cock extensions,
as we extend that, which dissapoints us
and lead us not to aggravation
OR NOT.....whatever. :D